I Rock Music is an American recording and distribution label founded in 2017 by Jamall J. Robinson professionally known as Jamall Joseph. The label became a sensation by releasing albums by Jamall Joseph, Jae Laws, HMTWNHERO, Guddah James, and R&B sensation Nic Jackson.

This year I Rock Music will become more than a recording and distribution label, I Rock Music is now also a subscription-based music streaming service that streams HiDef Audio and High-Definition music videos, movies and much more with exclusive content by its labels recording artist and content directors.

I Rock Music also has its own line of electronics mainly marketed is its leading brand of headphones

“ I Rock Music Studio One “.

I Rock Music continues to develop new electronic products and services such as opening its platform to provide distribution to independent artist and recording labels.

I Rock Music, is also the owner and operator of Audio House Recording Studios, located in West Hollywood, California.


Jamall Joseph
Rock Jacobs
Marketing Director
Jhamel D. Robinson
President of Content Quality Control & Entertainment Distribution